Real perimenopause talk with Perry Activist Sabrina

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The amazing Sabrina shared her story with us and answered all your tough questions.

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Hello to all,

I am 51 years old, in the beginning phase of menopause. My perimenopause symptoms began few years ago wher I experienced following symptoms:

  1. Sporadic hot flashes at night while sleeping

  2. Inconsistent periods, one month I would have a period then go a while without having one

  3. Spotting

  4. Metabolism slowing down

  5. Mood swings

  6. Poor sleep

Currently I am also experiencing gut issues & have had to watch my diet, eating clean and eliminating many things u used to enjoy

I currently see a hormone doctor & receiving bio identical creams taylored to my symptoms. The creams have helped tremendously with my night sweats and better sleep along with supplements. My diet plays a huge role on how I feel/sleep daily. I workout 3 to 4 times week combining hiit & strength training which  also helps with my metabolism & energy levels!

Questions from the Perry community to Sabrina

Q. Any headaches from the treatment?

A. No I have not received any headaches from the treatment

Q. Did you ever consider HRT

A. I have not considered HRT, I prefer to use a natural therapy, the bioidentical cream is an all natural vegetable based cream without side effects

Q. What was the first sympton you experienced?

A. My first sympton I experienced began with irregular periods

Q. Do you use any natural remedies to lessen symptons?

A. I have found a few natural remedies that have helped with some sypmtoms:

  1. 2 tbsp of chia seeds daily with hot flashes

  2. 1 tbsp of organic honey before each meal helps relieve my gut issues

  3. Digestive enzymes before meals help me with digestion & bloating

  4. Turmeric for joint pain

  5. Magnesium before bed helps to calm & aid with sleep

  6. Tons of water to stay hydrated

Q. What enzymes do you take?

A. I take digestive enzymes before a large meal in a pill format

Q. Which supplements are you taking daily?

A. Daily supplements I take are:

  1. Vitamin D

  2. Vitex

  3. Collagen powder

  4. L-glutamine powder

  5. Maca

  6. Liquid magnesium before bed

  7. Turmeric capsules

Q. Did your doctor conduct a hormone level test?

A. The hormone doctor I am seeing did an extensive bloodwork to check all my hormones that my family doctor did not check for

Q. Do you have any side effects from the cream

A. I have 0 side effects from the cream, it has helped me tremendously with my hot flashes and helps me sleep during the night

Q. Any sleeping trouble?

A. I did experience sleep troubles where I would fall asleep but hot flashes would wake me up & I would have trouble falling back asleep. The cream has eliminated that as the hot flashes have reduced. I also find that daily excercise has helped me immensly with stress, mental clarity and helping with my metabolism.

Q. Any advice for sore breasts?

A. I didn't really experience any breast comfort, however my go-to remedies are always natural remedies, try vitamins such as fish oils or vitamin E. Visit a health food store first, they can provide more info.

Q. Ever tried estrogen, any thoughts?

A. I have not tried estrogen, when I did my hormone testing it showed low estrogen which my bioidentical creams have been helping with.

Q. I am currently on bioidentical hormones (for a week) & not seeing much difference. More patience?

A. Yes, don't give up with the bioidentical hormone therapy! It is a much safer alternative to hormone therapy and it made a huge difference for me. IF you are not experiencing comfort in a few more days you need to speak with a therapist, perhaps she needs to tweak your cream. Also make sure you are following the instructions properly on how to use the cream.

In addition, I firmly believe that your diet plays a huge role in how I feel and my sleep patterns. I find that eating food with white sugar, white flour and foods that are processed do not give me a good night sleep and increase my hot flashes.

I try to stay away from those foods in the evening if I can, also try to drink tons of water to stay hydrated.

Q. Ever struggled with anxiety?

A. I have struggled with anxiety many times in my life, knowing the symptoms and understanding when I have to take a step back and breathe and not let the symptoms get worse is always a struggle. I believe my excercise routine & taking time for myself sometimes help me to refocus my anxiety. Also the daily supplement of calcium & magnesium helps with calmness. At times just taking a few short deep breathes helps !!

Q. Any workout routine advice?

A. My workout routine consists of HIIT training along with weigth training which I try to do 3x weekly, also enjoy walking in the evenings, which helps with sleep.

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